Share issue 28.7- 28.8 2017


The company issues a maximum 625,000 new shares

  • Subscription price EUR3.85/share
  • Shareholder's equity per share EUR4.43/share (31 Dec 2016)
  • The share issue will collect a minimum of EUR750,000 and maximum EUR2,406,250
  • The share issue covers a maximum of 24.18 % of the whole company
  • The shares will be registered on the book entry account notified by the investor by 30 September 2017.

The subscription is carried out by signing the subscription agreement and submitting it to with a payment of the subscription price onto the company's account icluded in the subscription agreement. We kindly ask investors to read the investment memorandum which offers more detailed instructions on participation in the share issue. We are happy to answer questions and help with the subscription.



Juha-Matti Huhtanen
0400 216215


Financial Director
Christer Schoultz
040 6711 518


The offer shares are offered pursuant to an exemption under the Securities Markets Act (14.12.2012/746 as amended) from the requirements to publish a prospectus when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading. The exemption to publish a prospectus is based on Chapter 4, Section 3, subsection 4 of the Securities Markets Act. The investment memorandum is not a prospectus referred to in Section 2 of the Securities Markets Act, and thus is not approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority.