Huhtanen Capital invests in housing. We sell housing to consumers and other investors. Our aim is to buy multiple apartments at a time and thus provide opportunities for consumers and investors to buy an apartment below the realised market prices. In cooperation with other housing investors, we invest into large rental apartment blocks, which we believe have value potential. Our properties are mostly complete buildings that offer inexpensive rental living in good basic conditions.

We do not have a separate management company or charge management fees. Our operations are based on continuous profitability, and we aim for strong growth in the next few years. We record the revaluation of our assets with moderation based on external Authorised Property Valuers' (AKA) valuations. 

Our company focuses on sustainable investing. We keep many of the sites we have purchased as rental properties and are committed to that. Our revaluations are moderate, and we distribute dividends only on realised profits. We want to make housing investment more transparent.

Housing investment

In accordance with our investment strategy, we invest in complete apartment blocks and real estate that is suitable for inexpensive rental living in good basic conditions. We invest in properties that offer a net rental yield of over 6.5 %. We also develop digital services that promote cost-efficient processes and management.

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Tenant services

All our tenant services can be found in one place at You can make all your general notifications effortlessly online using this service.

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Our available rental properties are listed at Vuokraovi.

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