Housing and property investment

Our company is not based on a single investment strategy. We believe that new opportunities can arise from a variety of different situations and properties and do not wish to limit ourselves from these opportunities. We invest in properties that fit our investment portfolio at that moment in time. Those properties have the potential to allow us to best help everyone. 

Our investments have included complete apartment blocks and properties that can be developed into inexpensive rental accommodation offering good basic living conditions. The potential rental income a property offers impacts our decision. We invest in properties that provide steady and high-cash-flow-based profits. We aim for property-specific, over 6.5-% net rental yield and have acquired the voting rights for many of our properties’ shares.

Our properties tend to be located in the immediate vicinity of city and municipal centres' amenities. We can also invest in business premises with long-term rental agreements and joint projects with other property and housing investors. We are open to new possibilities.

We also develop digital services that enable cost-efficient processes and management. We believe that a lot needs to be done in the digital sphere in our industry. 

Great purchase opportunities for housing investors

Normally we buy a bigger property and sell some of the apartments to investors. This provides great purchase opportunities housing investors and others.

We help people who are starting out as property investors with their strategy, financing and everything else related to housing investment.

Growth as goal

Our growth strategy is based on acquiring housing that offers stable cash flow financed through equity and borrowed capital. The cash-flow-based yield requirement for our investments is over 6.5-%. Our extensive investment portfolio significantly reduces the yield risks of individual apartment blocks. We base our investment decisions on detailed property calculations with regards to the population development within the area; the average age of the population; price development; the property’s basic information, and the surrounding municipalities' vitality and industry salaries compared to local rents.

Social and non-profit impacts

The company improves municipalities' and cities' financial position, offers affordable housing and helps boost the vitality of city and municipal centres.