Financial information

The group's financial figures for the past two financial years are available in the table below

KEY FIGURES 2016 2015
Revenue 2 025 607 624 106
Operating profit 6 658 284 3 131 380
Operating profit, % 329 % 502%
Profit before extraordinary items 5 900 655 2846 954
Profit before extraordinary items, % 291 % 456 %
Group's profit before tax 5 900 655 2 846 954
Group's profit before tax, % of revenue 291 % 456 %
Return on equity, % 72,3 % 88,1 %
Return on investment, % 26,1 % 34,8 %
Equity ratio, % 27,6 % 30,1 %
Gross investments in fixed assets 19 390 992 5 316 078
Gross investments in fixed assets, % of revenue 857 %

852 %

Average number of personnel 6 6

Group's per share figures for the past two accounting periods:

Earnings per share, parent company 2,28 1,60
Earnings per share, group 2,38 1,55
Earnings per share, parent company, diluted 2,30 1,42
Earnings per share, group, diluted 2,40 1,37
Equity per share, group 4,43 2,15
Dividend per share 0,23 0,00
Dividend per earnings, % 9,6 % 0 %

Property valuation:

Property investments are measured at fair value based on valuations by independent external experts. The expert valuators’ work is carried out in accordance with Finnish and International Valuation Standards. The valuation is always done using the most appropriate method or a combination of methods depending on the use of the property.

The income capitalisation approach refers to measuring the fair value of a property based on the income it will generate during its use. That depends on the capitalisation of annual yield with the appropriate required rate of return.

Using the comparable sales approach, the value is measured within the market conditions in the market area in question based on comparable realised transactions. A comparable transaction means that the key value factors of the target property correspond with the property in question.

The cost approach is based on the purchase and production costs of a property. This approach is primarily applied, when sufficient market information is not available for applying the other valuation methods.

Dividend Distribution policy

Huhtanen Capital Oy' Board of Directors defined the company's dividend distribution policy on 15 June 2016. The company aims to distribute dividends to shareholders at 10-30 % of previous financial year's net profit. When making a distribution proposal or decision, the Board of Directors takes into account the company's financial position, future funding requirements and the financial targets defined for the company. Furthermore, the Board of Directors eliminates any profits generated through positive value change when making its dividend distribution proposal. The company can distribute its assets as dividend, return of capital and by buying its shares. If a dividend is distributed, all shares entitle the same dividend. According to the company's growth plan, the potential profits in 2015-2020 will primarily be used for promoting the company's growth.