CEO review

Financially uncertain times and the unpredictability of markets have pushed investors into looking for alternative investment methods for yields instead of the stock market. For example, peer-to-peer and corporate loans, start-up investments and housing investment have all grown their share in investors' portfolios over the last year.

We operate in the housing investment field and people's increased interest in the sector is palpable. This means that the competition for housing grows and individual small investors struggle to find profitable properties on the public market (such as Oikotie, Etuovi etc.). Unless you are able to make an offer immediately when a suitable property comes up, it is gone within moments, and the investor loses out. How can individual small investors invest in housing in the tightening competitive environment without compromising on their yield target? I believe that the easiest alternative is to cooperate with a bulk buyer. We have sold numerous individual apartments in connection to our own bulk purchases, and this cooperation has invariably been very fruitful. Both parties benefit because the bulk buyer manages to lower the purchase price and the small investor gets a property for less than its market price, because the apartments were bought at bulk.

So how do you get to cooperate with a bulk buyer? By getting in touch and joining our investor circle. We aim to raise the number of the apartments we own to approximately eight hundred (800) in 2017, so we are happy to invite new investors in for a chat. I believe that there will be suitable properties for everyone's investment strategy, either bought in cooperation or sold on to a new buyer. Our housing portfolio will in the future include more and more new properties, but also apartments requiring refurbishment and anything in between. Let's set up a meeting and discuss potential cooperation options in more detail.

Juha-Matti Huhtanen


Huhtanen Capital Oy